Visceral Manual Therapy

Visceral Manual Therapy is a manipulation that focuses on the abdominal organs. Visceral Manual Therapy is a kind of manipulation that encourages normal mobility, tone blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and neural regulation of internal organs and surrounding tissues. The abdominal organs are not only essential in nourishing and fuelling the body with nutrients, but are also essential in natural detoxification and elimination of toxic products. When the abdominal cavity is compromised (which can occur when ligaments shift out of place for some reason), the body’s organs are unable to move freely and therefore unable to work efficiently and to their full capacity.

The dysfunction of the liver, stomach, small and large intestines has been correlated with a number of pathological conditions, such as: arthritis, migraines, hypo or hypertension, menstrual changes, uterine fibroids, skin disorders and autoimmune conditions. Changes in mood, frustration, depression and chemical and alcohol dependence can also be considered as symptoms of abdominal organ dysfunction. We fill our food with artificial colourings, preservatives, flavouring and additives. This is combined with extensive use of antibiotics in meats and medicine. These harmful agents cause our abdominal organs to work hard to detoxify our bodies.

The main organs that are involved in detoxifying the body are: the stomach and small intestines, large intestines and the liver. The stomach and small intestine are involved in food digestion and absorption of nutrients. The large intestine supports regular bowel movements, eliminate the build-up of unhealthy microorganisms and waste products. The small and large intestine play an important role in immune defence. The liver facilitates the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. The liver also filters and processes toxic substances that have entered the blood into harmless materials that can be excreted in urine and with bowel movements.

“Visceral Manual Therapy is a complex of deep massage, manipulation, acupressure and ischemic compression over tender and stiff areas of the abdomen. This abdominal manipulation helps abdominal organs to maintain their healthy function and normalizes any dysfunctional conditions that could eventually lead to the development of disease. It is believed that different areas of the skin and subcutaneous connective tissue of the abdomen have neuralgic relations with internal organs – “a neural reflex pathway”. Benefits from Visceral Manual Therapy are thought to be achieved through the neurological balance or normalization of these reflex pathways.” 

Dr. Elena Sokolova, MD, ND, Whole-Body Medicine.

Visceral Manual Therapy helps to increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage which leads to an increased capacity for the body to remove chemical irritants and waste products. After a series of treatments, patients often report improved abdominal conditions, a boost in energy, alertness and a sense of well-being.